We’ve noticed that people are posting the Skullgirls Steam Trading Card images online now. Even though those images are supposed to be exclusive to Steam, this isn’t really that much of a surprise.
What is a bit distressing though, is to see them posted without proper credit to the artists who worked on them. Therefore, we’d like to list here a list of who did which image. Please give the proper credit if you post the image and please check out the artists’ websites as well. They all worked really hard on this art and made some really amazing pieces.
Filia - Niccolo Balce (Robotnicc) http://robotnicc.tumblr.com/
Peacock - Lumaga http://lumaga.tumblr.com/
Parasoul - Jorby Alano (damndamndrum) http://damndamndrum.tumblr.com/
Ms. Fortune - Amie Pantle (xvillain) http://xvillain.tumblr.com/
Painwheel - Eyecager http://eyecager.tumblr.com/
Valentine - Chris Ko (Junkpuyo) http://junkpuyo.tumblr.com/
Double - Jason Mcrae Dwyer (Nubbas) http://nubblog.tumblr.com/
Squigly - nemi  http://nemiart.tumblr.com/ 
Big Band - Dan Ciurczak (soulkarl) http://vibecomic.com/ http://soulkarl.tumblr.com/
Eliza - Kai-ou Tang (msh) http://msh.deviantart.com/
Beowulf - Stephen Hetrick (Teben) http://itsateben.tumblr.com/
Marie - Lee Na Young (Ippus) http://skullfairy.com/ http://ippus.tumblr.com/
Thank you guys! Check out their work!
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