Here are more concepts~ it’d be funny if Taliesin made it in, then we’d have another guy character + all of the characters would have some sort of music theme to them, haha >XD

Anyway, here’s also some Ileum, I figure she could use some love + she’s actually really fun to draw / think of stuff for.

Plus we got some Roxie concepts here from Maji Omni

And some Feng concepts / doodles from Eyecager and Crybringer , , ,

More to come… maybe- time permitting~

Edit: Oh, and just in case it’s not clear- these are concepts from the brainstorming phase. That means that these are not guaranteed moves or necessarily 100% indicative of the character, but it does give you a good taste of the character’s flavor/style. (heartburn, in Ileum’s case)

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